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Film "Noches de Havana"


Visit Salcajá and churche


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International Dinner


Visiting Momostenango y learn about the art of weaving


3DThe classes take place in an ideal environment for studying. In our school you can enjoy peace and quite while studying and have the benefit of beautiful views of the city, and the magnificent mountains and volcanoes that surround Quetzaltenango. Additionally, we have a lovely garden and balconies where you can enjoy classes at “Sol Latino”.


One week of classes includes 20 to 25 hours of studying one-on-one with your teacher. You have the option to study in the morning (8-12am / 8am-1pm) or in the afternoon (2-6pm  / 2-7pm), and you can start your classes any day of the week. Some variations are possible.

For optimal learning, each day there is a 30 minute break which is a great time to relax and enjoy our free coffee, tea, and purified water, as well as have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students and the other teachers.


Personalized Classes:
The classes will always be one-on-one, one teacher with one student; therefore, the teachers will work directly with the student to meet his or her specific needs and goals during the entire learning process.


Extra Option:
People who are traveling together (such as couples, friends, or families) and share the same Spanish level and interests can request to share a class (two students with one teacher). This way it is possible to fulfill the needs of both students while meeting the specific goals of each.