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Online Classes

Based on our teaching philosophy, which is centered on offering our students an in- dividualized method of teaching, Sol La- tino now has created Spanish classes online for those students who want to be- gin or continue with taking Spanish classes. This method has been proven to be as effective as the one-on-one teaching method provided at the school.
Our staff of teachers is the same as the one who teach on one-on-one bases at the school. They have various years of experi- ence and have been trained to teach Spanish as a second language. They have been using an extensive range of educa- tional methods, all on a one-on-one basis, which are also applied to the online classes. The classes online are done as fast and efficiently as the ones at the school.


The Main Characteristics of classes online at Sol Latino
The same philosophy, to offer the students an individualized method of teaching.
The same qualified instructors that have worked with us dur- ing the last years.
Our teachers can work efficiently with the 10 different levels of Spanish Language courses.
The flexibility of taking classes based on your own possibili- ties.
It can be combined with your current work or studies back home.
You can choose between the same study programs as the ones we offer at the school.
You don’t have to leave your home or country to begin or continue studying Spanish, getting the same level of instruc- tion that you would get by coming to Guatemala and study at Sol Latino.
You can study in the place and time that is most convenient for you.
All of this with the same philosophy, which is centered on offer- ing the students an individualized method of teaching, and of course, the same success provided at the school!


How does Sol Latino Virtual Work?
1. You first need to fill out an application form.
2. Sol Latino will then send you a test to determine which teacher matches your interests and needs.
3. You can choose one of our programs: to study either one, two or three hours within each session.
4. We will adjust your study schedule to the time differ- ence between Guatemala and your city. One of the ad- vantages of learning Spanish online is that you have a lot of flexibility in making your study schedule.
5. You will need to have a Skype account, computer, ear- phones, a webcam and an internet connection.
6. You can make your schedule of classes according to your interests and needs. Sol Latino online is working 24/7.


The classes online have the same character- istics as our classes at Sol Latino.
Oral Practice: *The students spend a lot of the class time practic- ing and using the grammar contents Sol Latino pro- vides them. The teachers evaluate the progress ac- cording to the writing, reading and in particular the oral abilities of the student.
*The staff of Sol Latino has received the training to take you to real situations in which you will have to use Spanish. While being in a Spanish class, you are practicing the Spanish vocabulary that you can use in an office, in a clinic, in the grocery store, in an interview and in many other situations en settings.
*Our school has prepared a lot of writing materials that you will use during the class with your teacher and for homework as well.
*The teachers will provide you the grammar con- tent, writing and oral exercises in each class.
All of this with the same philosophy, which is cen- tered on offering the students an individualized method of teaching, and of course, the same suc- cess provided at the school!