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The Spanish School, “Sol Latino,” was founded by two Guatemalans and one of their wives, who is from Holland: Moisés is the Administrative Director; Miguel, is the General Director; and Rineke.


Moisès and Miguel have many years of experience teaching the Spanish language to foreigners and combined they have completed the following courses: the Diploma for Spanish Grammar and National Culture, Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language to Foreigners, Guatemalan Tourist Guide, Diploma in Business, and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.


Rineke came to Guatemala in 2003 to do volunteer work; during this time she had the opportunity to work in various social projects. She has completed various administrative and coordination jobs in Holland and Guatemala. A few years ago, Irwin and Rineke met in Quetzaltenango, and now they are happily married and have a beautiful daughter. 


Through all of these experiences and studies, the founders of “Sol Latino” have developed a high level of professionalism, providing the student with a friendly and specialized service.

In addition, over the course of our lives, through our own experience of living in a society that lacks so many essential things, and having seen the effects of a society without access to resources, as do the majority of people in Guatemala, and with such a small amount of help, we have developed a strong social conscience. Unfortunately in Guatemala, as is the case in many countries, the wealth is distributed unequally: a small minority hold the majority of wealth and economic power to purchase land, start businesses, schools, organizations, etc. with the purpose of making themselves more wealthy. This was one of the principle reasons we founded “Sol Latino,” because the school is an ideal means to make a positive change in this existing structure: benefiting better teachers, families, guides, artisans and social projects. In addition, we want our school’s work to be a ripple, creating a positive wave that can reach further and influence change in a more just and equal system.


One of our future goals is to start our own social project with the objective of helping the most unprotected and vulnerable part of the Guatemalan population; generally these are children who live on the streets, in garbage dumps. We would like to offer them a home, food, clothing, education, and above all, transmit to them the love of God.


Among our principle purposes we strive to:
*Provide students with the highest quality, complete immersion program in the Spanish language and Latin culture. In only a couple of years we have surpassed other schools to become a leader in Guatemala.

*Give our teachers, families, and artisans better benefits, and help the most needy part of the Guatemalan population, through contributions to different social organizations both physically and economically.


Our philosophy:
Our philosophy is based on the respect and value that each human being deserves. For that reason our students receive a friendly, customized treatment, we make their goals our commitment, with a high degree of professionalism. We maintain a warm and familiar atmosphere at “Sol Latino”. You will always be welcomed like a member of our family. In addition, we highly value our staff and host families since they are such an important part of the school. As the school grows, we want our staff to grow alongside us (in knowledge, experience, income, etc.). This, among many other things, makes us different from other schools.


The location
Our school is located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, Central America. It is situated in the heart of the historic center of Quetzaltenango, only 5 blocks from the Central Park. This is the most traditional part of Quetzaltenango, in a safe neighborhood in front of the small “Las Flores” market. One of the benefits of being located in center of the city is that it is near commerce, banks, bars, cafes, Internet, popular markets, pharmacies, clinics, stores, restaurants, hotels, and hostels, and many other services.


The building
Our school is located in a beautiful colonial house. When entering the school you will receive a warm welcome and excellent personalized attention. The school provides its students with: Internet, WiFi Internet, a private library for teachers and students in the office, and a kitchen where you will be able to enjoy coffee, tea, milk, purified water and delicious traditional bread, which is provided free every day.


Our study environment is very comfortable and appropriate for learning Spanish. You can take your classes in a classroom, in the garden, on the patio, terrace, or on one of the balconies, enjoying the fresh air and the sol latino (Latin sun). In addition, there is a beautiful view of the city, volcanoes and mountains that surround Quetzaltenango.