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Why choose “Sol Latino”?

  1. Because unlike other schools, “Sol Latino” offers more than just Spanish classes: we offer a complete teaching methodology and full immersion in the Spanish language and Latin culture.
  2. Because our philosophy is based on the respect and value that each human being deserves. This is why each of our students receives a warm, customized treatment, making their goals our commitment. In addition, our staff and host families are of great value and importance to us: we want them to succeed together with the school.
  3. Because our social focus is clear and direct: to help the most needy of the Guatemalan population through contributing to different social projects both physically and economically. A part of your weekly tuition for classes goes directly to support these projects.
  4. Because you have the option to work as a volunteer in the social projects in and around Quetzaltenango. We will work together with you to find the most suitable social project to meet your abilities and interests, at no additional cost.
  5. Because our students benefit from the best Spanish programs, different schedules, a range of hospitality and service options, more than any other school. We work hard to make sure our students are comfortable while they are focused on studying Spanish and that they enjoy their stay in Guatemala.
  6. Because our team of instructors has been carefully selected, is diverse in age, gender and life experience, and has received specialized education in teaching Spanish as a second language, in addition to having many years of experience, and being very motivated to teach.
  7. Because “Sol Latino” has developed its own complete teaching method, a gradual and structured approach to the Spanish language. As a result we have created our own grammatical guide by means of an extensive range of books and the cognitive contribution of each of our instructors.
  8. Because “Sol Latino” has different levels of study and a large variety of Spanish programs, in order to offer an individualized method of learning for each student; putting emphasis on each students’ individual knowledge, abilities and needs.
  9. Because at  “Sol Latino” we offer you intensive, personalized classes from 20 to 25 hours a week, Monday through Friday, in the morning or afternoon, and if necessary, on Saturdays as well.
  10. Because we offer customized classes: 1 teacher with 1 student during the entire learning process for rapid advancement. In addition, for those traveling together (couples, friends, families) with the same level and interests in Spanish we offer the option of shared classes: 1 teacher with 2 students.
  11. Because at “Sol Latino” you can begin your classes any day of the week and you can study from one week to numerous months, certifying the level of Spanish you have accomplished with a diploma from the school.
  12. Because we offer you different hospitality options:
    -You can live with a traditional Guatemalan family enjoying complete immersion. Our families have been carefully selected and are enabled to host students of different needs and with special dietary requirements.
    -You also have the option to live in our student guesthouse “Casa Latina”, from around the world.
    -If you prefer another option (hotel, hostel, apartment, etc.) we can help you find what you are looking for.
  13. Because we offer a large variety of daily activities which change each week: we provide cultural, educational, recreational, and sports activities and social projects, and excursions on the weekends to the most attractive places in the region, such as volcanoes, lagoons, lakes, mountains, ruins, plantations, beaches, hot Springs and saunas, etc., putting special attention in the interests and suggestions of our students.
  14. Because at “Sol Latino” we offer you a large variety of additional services: airport pickup service, volunteer work, free internet and WiFi, hospitality reservations, transportation and tours, we can receive your phone calls and letters, cell phone rentals, laundry service, free coffee, tea, milk and purified water, kitchen utensils, etc.
  15. Because we have the capacity and experience to accommodate groups, offering them special packages according to their interests and specific requirements.
  16. Because we have seasonal promotions and special group discounts.
  17. Because our school is located in the historic center of Quetzaltenango, one of the cities most often recommended for Spanish study and recognized for its culture, traditions, hospitality and the quality of its inhabitants and their beautiful landscapes.

This is why in just a few years our school has surpassed others
to become a leader in Guatemala!