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At “Sol Latino” you can pay for your classes before your trip, or during your week of study in the following ways:

  • Bank Transfers by Internet
  • International bank transactions
  • Cash: Dollars, Euros, or the national currency (Quetzals)
  • Traveler’s Checks in Dollars


In Quetzaltenango there are many banks with ATM’s where you can withdraw Quetzals with your debit or credit card. We recommend that you bring a Visa card; Visa is most widely accepted in Guatemala. In addition, many banks will exchange Dollars, Euros, and traveler’s checks for Quetzals.

Did you know that Guatemala is one of the cheapest countries in Latin America to study Spanish? The average exchange rate in Guatemala is 1 US$ = 7.50 Quetzals
1 Euro = 8 Quetzals