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commentsI was delighted to be one of the first students to attend Sol Latino after attending another language school for some time, and the difference was striking. My teachers were very competent after having enjoyed many years of teaching Spanish. (Many language schools there advertise that, but I found the reality to be quite different...) I attended classes with another North American, and we delighted in learning about the history and culture of Guatemala, as well as diverse activities such as hikes, a trip to a glass-making co-op, a trip to a water park, Guatemalan meals, and merengue and salsa classes and much more. Xela is a beautiful setting, and I have since returned there just to visit. (You will want to bring a coat!!!) I highly recommend Sol Latino for beginning learners as well as those who already know Spanish, but want to increase their competency in Spanish. 
Teri, Florida, USA

I highly recommend the Escuela de Español “Sol Latino”. I studied previously at another popular school in Xela, and my Spanish was ok. Once I changed schools, I noticed a dramatic change in my Spanish grammar, comprehension, and pronunciation. The teachers were AMAZING! Gentle and encouraging, yet also tough and challenging to help me learn and grow more. The school treated me like family. Class time went by fast as we talked about many different topics. After class time, we had activities and trips and dances that were fun and informative. There were also opportunities to give back to the community and to charitable organizations in the area. The owners and teachers at the school are wonderful, kind, and goodhearted people who want students to learn and to have a positive experience. I remain close with my teachers who I count as life long friends. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Escuela de Español “Sol Latino” for personalized language study and a great Xela experience!
Karen Hurley,
Boston, MA USA


Upon arrival in Guatemala I intended to study Spanish for only two weeks. It became four weeks, then five and finally it became six. I enjoyed the lessons and social activities so much that, each week, I decided to book an extra week of lessons. What attracted me to the Sol Latino teaching method is that there are a lot of possibilities for fitting your personal wishes in the learning program. Sol Latino holds regular evaluations, which safeguards the high quality of the lessons. Because of the intensive one-on-one lessons students get to know their teachers personally. Moreover, Sol Latino carefully selects the host families with which they cooperate. After the lessons, the school organizes a range of activities: I got Salsa lessons, visited villages surrounding Xela, climbed the volcano Chicabal and visited a glass factory. More than five months after I have left Guatemala, I am still in touch with my fellow students! Sol Latino gave me a marvellous time in Xela!
Dieneke Huis in’t Veld,
The Netherlands


Escuela Sol Latino,
Thank you. You have taught me to speak Spanish. In a short time was able to read, write, and speak Spanish with your help. I especially liked the flexible hours and all of your answers to my numerous questions. Thanks again, and if you would ever need a reference I would be more than happy to provide information to students looking for a great school to learn Spanish.

Earl Fuelling,
Sacramento, California, USA


My name is Or and I am from Israel. I had the privilege to study Spanish at Sol Latino in Xela. I wish to tell you a bit about my experiences:
Although I had little time, I gained so much from the atmosphere on campus and got to know the culture in the area.
The curriculum the school offers is developed for each student individually as there are a variety of teaching methods and the teachers are in touch with the pace of each student. I was happy to study the language not just through books, but through games, internet, trips, different activities, and of course the lovely family that hosted me.
The breaks and activities are well planned, allow you to concentrate on your studies and enjoy them.
In one week, I was able to learn all the main verbs, vocabulary and grammar. I got to know different issues in the Guatemalan society and to acquire the basic things I needed to get along in the Latino environment.
Looking back I realize how much I have gained from this experience. I gained more confidence and I had an amazing time. I still keep in touch with the warm, bright, kind and experienced teachers of the school. I recommend it highly for everyone!

Have fun!
Or Elimeleh,


When I arrived in Guatemala I just knew 4 words: “si, no, buenas noches and amigo”. That was it. Not enough to help myself out. From the moment I entered the school, that changed. It is not that you get to speak Spanish, you need to, because they don’t speak English. I enjoyed the private classes, accommodated to your own Spanish level. There is enough variety, so they change grammar by going to the market and playing a game. This way you don’t just practice your Spanish in the classroom! The school is very flexible and they are open for suggestions. Also they find you a good host family. So you can rely on the school. I entered with 4 words, after 2 days I had a Spanish conversation!
Lies Schepens,


In 2007 and 2008 I took a lot of classes at Sol Latino. What I really liked about Sol Latino is their flexibility and personal approach. They take the wishes of the students seriously and take care of a comfortable arrival and stay in Xela by offering a good pick-up service at the airport and by organizing lots of weekly activities so you’ll get to know the surroundings of Xela and your fellow students quickly. You want to learn Spanish in Xela? I recommend you study at Sol Latino!
Lennert Rohde,
Hilversum, The Netherlands


I took 3 weeks of classes at Sol Latino. One week I received my classes outside, enjoying the sun, and the other week I studied inside the school in a classroom. Both have their pros. The Spanish classes are nice and informative using a study program with study goals for the week. So there is nothing to worry about as a student, because the teacher takes care of the study program. Always there is time for a nice conversation, for example about the salsa classes the night before. The teachers are very dedicated and always in the mood to teach you Spanish. But they also enjoy going to the market on a sunny morning to buy some fruit or vegetables (where at the same time learn the names for them!). Sol Latino is a pleasant language school with dedicated teachers and a relaxing atmosphere.
Maura Hagemans,
The Netherlands


In 2005 I had the pleasure of studying Spanish one-on-one with Irwin Rosal (the founder of Sol Latino). He was an excellent teacher who worked well with my specific needs to help me advance my Spanish proficiency. So when I returned to Guatemala I was excited to hear that he decided to start his own Spanish School and I also gladly accepted the role as being the schools first International Coordinator. I served as the Coordinator from January to April and besides the normal job duties (translating conferences, scheduling and leading activities, and answering questions from current and prospective students) I also had the extra responsibilities of working on building the website, creating promotional materials and even helping move into the building. So I was very busy those first months of my holiday, but it was all worth it since I believed in the teaching ability of the staff and the philosophy of the school to provide a high quality education and improve the lives of many Guatemalans.
Ryan Daly,
New York, USA


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